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Eileen Flynn, Reporter

Between the start of classes, changing leaves, and the kickoff of football season, it’s beginning to feel as though summer is officially coming to an end. However, for students that wish to hold onto to the last rays of summer, the NCHS annual Summer Art Show is an ideal way to share a bit of their summer with the NCHS community

Ms. McDonagh looking through the current submissions for the Summer Arts Show. All of the artwork is not curated, and is prepared to be hung by the art teachers
Photo by Theresa Marciano

The Summer Art Show has been a long-running tradition at NCHS that has allowed all members of the NCHS community to submit any form of artwork that they created over the summer. Digital Media teacher Ms. McDonagh has been working on the arts show alongside Ms. Sinski and Ms. Core, who are other art teachers at NCHS. The goal of the show is to create a collection of students’ summer artistic accomplishments. “A lot of people enjoy doing art over the summer. For as long as I can remember we have invited all students and faculty to enter any form of media that they feel proud of into the first show of the year,” Ms. McDonagh said. “It’s really special because there are no requirements that have to be met in order to enter.”

One of the artists of the NCHS Summer Art Show is Physical Education teacher Ms. Schulz. Ms. Schulz has had a recently reignited passion for photography, and has entered her work into the Summer Arts Show for the past five years. “I love going places and photographing things around me, so I began entering my work into the Summer Arts Show,” said Ms. Schulz. “This show is important because there are a lot of people, like me, that people think wouldn’t be interested in media, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to be able to see a new side of people.”

One of the photos that Ms. Schulz has entered into the NCHS Summer Arts show in the past.
Photo by Priscilla Schulz

Creating a welcoming and curious atmosphere was one of the main reasons for the creation of the Summer Arts Show in the first place. “The show is great for people coming in for the first time,” Ms. McDonagh said. “When people first enter the lobby in the beginning of the year, it’s very empty. However, we are always able to fill the space with artwork expressing individual voices and creativity, which is really amazing to see.”

Do you have any artwork to share with NCHS? Make sure to enter before the deadline on Monday, September 18! The Art show will take place starting September 25 in the front lobby of NCHS, and will continue to be displayed until November 6.


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