Basketball and ice hockey teams welcome new coaches


Emma Shullman, Reporter

As fall sports come to an end and winter sports are beginning, the Boys Hockey team and Girls Basketball team are making a change in their coaching staff. Clark Jones is taking over boys ice hockey, while John Winchester will be the new girls basketball coach.

Boys Hockey Coach, Clark Jones is making himself comfortable as the boys season comes to a start. Photo by Allison Beck

Winchester has coached Freshman and JV Boys Basketball at NCHS, but this year is stepping up as the Varsity Girls Basketball coach. “I have never had experience coaching girls, and it was a tough decision for me because I got comfortable being the JV coach, but I had sat in every chair in the coaching staff except for head coach so I’m ready for that next step,” Coach Winchester said.

With the new season coming to a start co-captains Karlie Bucci and Leigh Charlton along with the rest of the team are ready for the coming of the new coach. “He brings energy and he is really committed to everyone learning the fundamentals,” Karlie said.

While the season comes with a major change, the captains are optimistic. “I think we’re playing a lot of teams this year that we have the potential to beat,” she said.

The Boys Hockey team is also experiencing some major changes with a new head coach. Last season the boys ice hockey finished strong ending with a 19-5-1 record of wins to losses to ties, so when they got the news their coach was leaving it was a shock. “At first, we were a little surprised due to the fact that we had a pretty good season last year, but once we learned that it was going to be Clark, we were just ecstatic and really excited to get to know him as a coach,” said Senior co-captain Quinn McMahon

However, Coach Jones is still new to NCHS and has a lot to learn. “I think he is going to lean on us a lot to just let him know how the relationship with the high school program works,” said Quinn.

John Winchester takes over as the new varsity girls basketball varsity coach, ready to make the season count. Photo by Mikaylah Vindas

Coach Jones has been coaching the boys since they were young. Quinn also said, “Pretty much everyone who is in the program this year knows Clark from youth hockey and I think everyone trusts him.”

Senior co-captain Chase Glover is aware the changes this could bring, “It’s key just to stay positive. We’ve got a lot of guys stepping in this year that don’t know yet,” Chase said.

Although the team has a lot of returning players, junior co-captain Gunnar Granito believes losing 11 seniors such as Teddy Hood, Drew Morris, Tyler Hill and George McMahon will definitely take a toll. “It seems we are lacking a bit of skill and Clark’s the best guy to have to work with that,” Gunnar said.


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