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Samantha Axon, Sports Editor

What sports do you play and when did you start playing them?

Karlie sprints down the field in a Rams lacrosse game.
Photos contributed by Karlie Bucci

I swim, play basketball, and play lacrosse. I have been swimming and playing lacrosse since around the fourth grade, and I started playing basketball in fifth grade. I saw my older siblings playing them, and as

the youngest I wanted to try them out as well. I ended up enjoying the sports, so I have stuck with them.

How has being a co-captain on the girls basketball team as a junior changed the way you approach the sport?
It was interesting because I got to lead the team. On the court, I was able to push the girls and help them improve their technique. Last year I tried to lead, but I was not as much of a leader in comparision to this season. This season I had to really step up to the increased responsibility.

How have sports affected your day to day life?

Karlie grabs an offensive rebound in a game against Westhill.

Sports have been a big part of my life. It’s every season, everyday, after school for 2-3 hours. Even though it is a large time commitment, playing sports keeps me focused during the school year since I am on a schedule. I love being on the field, court, or in the pool because it gives me time to get my mind off what’s happening for a couple hours.

Which sport have you learned from the most?
I have learned the most, mentally, from swimming. It is tough to stay in the sport,to keep going, to come to every practice, and to try your hardest all the time. So, mentally I

Karlie sharpens her skills for lacrosse during the offseason.

had to adjust for the sport.

How do you keep your skills sharp during the offseason?
I constantly try to work on all three sports in the off seasons. It is tough to stay in shape for swimming, so I use my summers to prepare for the fall season. For basketball I practice my shots and sometimes play pickup games. As for lacrosse I play almost year round because I play for a team in the summer and fall, in addition to the school team in the spring season.

What skills do you learn from each sport and how has that shaped you as a person?
I learn mental strength the most from swimming. It is a brutal sport to train for since it pushes your body to such extremes. You have to stay focused and be willing to work hard and train every day in order to see results. It takes a huge toll on your body mentally and physically. Basketball has taught me how to be a good teammate. In order to succeed in the sport, you have to work with your teammates on the court. You cannot do well without help from your team, and that has made me work harder because I am not only playing for myself. Hard work has been imperative for lacrosse. You have to put in work at practice because it shows during games. If you put in a little extra time practicing skills or shooting, there is a huge improvement in your overall game.




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