What Does the New Black Parking Pass Mean for Juniors?


Katie Tan, Media Editor

There’s a map of the parking lot available which shows where each grades can park. Photo by Katie Tan

If you’ve strolled through the NCHS parking lots this year, you may have noticed that not all the parking pass stickers are the same color. Unlike last year, there is now a black pass being issued to juniors. Not only do these new passes show off our school spirit, they serve to differentiate between junior and senior cars. They are more visible to the security staff who regulate the incoming traffic.

David Gusitsch, the new Vice Principal of the High School, collaborated with the attendance office and security to create a

The parking passes are almost identical, but differ in color to be more visible for the security staff

more organized parking lot. He hopes that this will ease the regulation of students that leave during school times.  “There are times when certain students are allowed off campus and times when other students are not. With this new color visual, it’s much more helpful to distinguish for our security staff.” Although juniors and seniors are allowed to go off campus during their frees,  juniors are not allowed to go off during lunch block.

Vice Principal Gusitsch alerted students in an email that if you haven’t already gotten a parking pass, you must go see Mrs. Lapolla to register your vehicle. Parking supervisors will begin issuing tickets to cars who do not display the most updated parking pass on Monday, September 11th.



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