Sundaes in the City: Part 9


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Katie Tan, Media Reporter

The hype of açai bowls has hit New Canaan with the delicious bowls from town shops, Embody and Green & Tonic. While they taste nice, their popularity can be credited to their beautiful display and vibrant color. If you value food presentation, you will be very excited by Loco Coco in New York City. On 835 Lexington Ave, New York, Loco Coco make vibrant açai bowls with fresh fruit and the occasional activated charcoal or mermaid flavor. There is little seating available, so it is better to pick up your bowl and take it out. You can make your own bowl or choose from the their special creations. While having a similar taste to Embody, the Mermaid bowl was a whopping $15 in total. In addition, a pineapple bowl is an extra $7.99, which is more suitable for a few friends or after a really big workout. The fresh base was topped with some delicious granola, strawberries, grapes, and drizzled with almond butter. While it looks great on the ‘gram and the bowl was delicious, the price is not practical for a daily post-workout snack.



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