Sundaes in the City Part 7


Katie Tan, Reporter

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If you have a huge box of cupped ramen in your house and enjoy desserts, you’ll be excited or curious about dessert ramen. I guess it’s exactly what it sounds like if your thinking of blue jelly ramen noodles served on crushed ice coated with condensed milk and decorated with melon balls. I first found out about Dessert Kitchen NYC from an Insider video on Instagram. Although it doesn’t taste like ramen, the noodle shape and soupy consistency resembles real ramen. After some research, I found that Dessert Kitchen NYC also serves popular desserts like Taiwan shaved ice, Japanese raindrop cake, and bubble waffle cones.

At 192 Bleeker Street, New York, Dessert Kitchen NYC served an assortment of unique desserts. To start, we tried the coffee served with a choice of a marshmallow cat or bear. The coffee was pretty good, but the marshmallow bear was adorable!! It lasted a while too. From hot to cold, we then ordered the dessert ramen. It was the most colorful ramen I’ve ever seen. There was all sorts of sweet and fruity flavors, but it all mixed well. It was served on crushed ice coated in condensed milk, which tasted like vanilla ice cream. On  top were melon balls, mango pieces, mochi balls, and the blue noodles. My favorite part was the fruity syrup that you poured on top.

There was too many desserts to just visit Dessert Kitchen once, so I will definitely be back!



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