Sundaes in the City Part 6


Katie Tan, Reporter


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Photos by Katie Tan

The next place I visited has popped up many times on my Instagram explore page and is very popular with 66k followers. Located on 1185 Bleecker Street, By Chloe has a 100% vegan menu, even if vegan’s not your thing, you will still love it! It offers a delicious menu including pastas and sandwiches, but in the theme of Sundaes in the City, I visited their next door location Sweets by Chloe. Sweets by Chloe serves all sorts of cakes and pies. With a pretty pink store front, many customers were drawn in and the store was buzzing. The store followed a pink, white, and black theme with pink S’well bottles and a big neon sign. The store had cakes, pies, muffins, and cookies as well as coffee and juice. We each got cupcakes that came in their own individual containers. We sat outside in the tables and watched as people came flooding in and out.


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