Sundaes in the City Part 4


Katie Tan, Reporter

Audrey Adl, Reporter

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Our next stop was unplanned as we were drawn in by the excessive window decoration. These extreme crepes feature all sorts of sweet and savory flavors and belong to the store T-Swirl Crepe. It is located on 247 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003. We were overwhelmed in a variety of crepe flavors, from Banana Chocolate to Egg White Mushroom Truffle. we ordered the strawberry banana crepe.  Each crepe was created by much love from the workers.  The crepes were cooked on a large pan and were loaded with yummy nutella and finished with strawberries and bananas.  The crepe was rolled up and put into a funnel paper dish, making it easier to eat.

*All photos by Audrey Adl and Katie Tan


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