Sundaes in the City Part 3


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Katie Tan, Reporter

Audrey Adl, Reporter

If you’re a frequent instagrammer or a die-hard foodie, you have probably already heard of bubble tea. If you didn’t know, bubble tea has a tea base mixed with fruit or milk with chewy tapioca balls. They come in all sorts of colors and are absolutely beautiful. We took to New York to find some great bubble tea, and we stumbled across Vivi’s Bubble Tea in the lower East Side at 205 Allen Street. With a cute, vibrant environment, we were drawn in. The store was decorated with pinky walls and fun little stickers that covered the walls. Their menu was filled with different fruity, milky flavors, along with some small bites. They had slushy teas, jelly teas, and milk teas. I ordered the passion fruit bubble tea, and what was described as a cotton candy cloud that came on top. It took us a ten minutes to actually get through the cotton candy coating to the actual tea. Audrey got the fried oreos, which are highly recommended. The store was so appealing and I can’t wait to go back to try out the rest of the menu.

*All photos by Katie Tan


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