“Sad Cypress” by Agatha Christie


Leigh Charlton, News Editor

A short preview:
Sad Cypress is one of Christie’s many classic Hercule Poirot mysteries. A young couple, engaged to be married,

Sad Cypress, a murder mystery by Agatha Christie. Photo from agathachristie.com

appear to be set for life as they stand poised to inherit an elderly aunt’s fortune. However, things go awry when they receive an anonymous letter warning the pair of a young woman named Mary who appears to be worming her way into Aunt Laura’s will. Concerned, Elinor and Roddy travel immediately to Laura’s estate, whereupon Roddy immediately falls in love with the beautiful Mary. Although Roddy’s betrayal breaks her heart, Elinor honors her aunt’s wishes by granting Mary a bequest from her estate. Tragedy strikes when Mary is found dead- murdered by poison. All the suspicious falls to Elinor, and it’s up to famed investigator Hercule Poirot to determine the truth of the matter.

Some thoughts:
Honestly, Agatha Christie never fails to amaze me. The sheer creativity and complexities of the murders she writes into creation are astounding. Although her older writing style can at times be dry (most of her books were published from the 1920’s through the 40’s), the need to understand her deviously arranged plot can always drive me to finish Christie’s books. Out of the fifteen or so of her books that I’ve read, I have never once correctly predicted the culprit. Christie’s mysteries are an art. I love them and if you’re even remotely interested in detective stories, you should try at least one.


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