Riverdale Recap #2: “The Wicked and The Divine”


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Hey everyone! Welcome back to the NCHS Courant’s Riverdale Recap. Tonight I’ll be recapping season 2 episode 12. It was a very eventful episode and we have A LOT to cover.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

  1. Veronica’s Confirmation

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A big event in this weeks episode of Riverdale was Veronica’s Confirmation. While normally the event takes in place when a child is about 13, Veronica decided to have hers at 16. This is a big family event for the Lodges including Veronica’s abuelita and various business partners of the Lodge’s. Prior to the day of her Confirmation, Veronica goes to the church to meet with her family’s Monsignor, where she pours out all her feelings about her family’s sketchy business. Unfortunately, her Monsignor offers no valuable advice and she leaves more torn then we she arrived. At the Confirmation, Veronica, along side Josie, sing a cover of “Bittersweet Symphony” from Cruel Intentions. At the reception, held at the Pembroke, Veronica’s mind is somewhere else as she fears for Archie’s future when it comes to him working with her dad.

2. Archie’s Apprenticeship

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Archie has officially started his “internship” with Hiram Lodge. At the beginning of the episode, we see Archie running various errands for Hiram, such as getting his dry-cleaning and picking up his shoes. When Archie goes over to the Lodge’s, Hiram finds out what Archie did to Nick St. Clair. Instead of being angry, Hiram was impressed. He then proceeds to ask Archie to help out with his infamous poker game with his suspicious coworkers. At the poker game, Archie overhears something he shouldn’t have. One of Hiram’s associates, Pappa Poutine, wants to get rid of Hiram. Archie is torn as to what to do but in the end, he decides to tell Hiram (he is his girlfriend’s father after all). Hiram tells Archie he will handle it and at the end of the episode, Pappa Poutine is dead.

3. The Missing Head

At the end of last week’s episode, the head of General Pickens was cut off by an unknown source. Of course, the town blames the Serpents, so the mayor proceeds to shut down the trailer park, aka Jughead’s home. In order to save his home and get justice for the Serpents, Jughead, along with Betty, set out to find who cut off the head. As Jughead searches for the head, he is surprised with the return of Penny Peabody, aka the Snake Charmer, someone he thought he got rid of. It turns out that F.P’s right hand man, Tallboy, brought her back in order to help save the trailer park. Jughead and Betty continue to search for the head and avoid turning to Penny at all costs. Eventually, with their expert snooping, they come to find that the head was indeed cut down by Tallboy himself. Tallboy is then kicked out of the Serpents and Jughead is put on probation, still in trouble for cutting the snake tattoo off of Penny. Back to the head. At the end of the episode, the head of General Pickens is delivered in a nicely wrapped gift to the Lodges themselves, to do who knows what with.

4. Betty and Jughead Reunite

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To keep it short and sweet, a fan favorite couple of Riverdale reunited on this week’s episode. After
getting the crime fighting, justice seeking, detective duo back together, Jughead and Betty realize they clearly haven’t moved on from another.

5. Another Murder….

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Just as Betty returns home from what she believes has been an all around amazing night, she is horrified and confused by what she walks home to. On the floor, Alice Cooper is cleaning up blood, while a unknown man, is dead on the floor. All we know about this man is that he knew Chic Cooper. As we know, Chic is involved in a very sketchy business and therefore probably doesn’t have the nicest business partners. At the time, it is unknown what he wanted from Chic or who killed him. Riverdale has once again, another body to hide.

Make sure to tune in next week for season 2 episode 13, “The Tell-Tale Heart”.


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