New Station Managers Look to Energize NCTV


Kara Fahey, Reporter

Station Manager Christian Parrott adjusts the lighting gin the NCTV studio. Photo by Katie Tan

We all watch the announcements every week, but we don’t know much about the students who are working behind the camera. With so many of the NCTV staff leaving for college, the incoming leaders of the class are gven the opportunity to take on bigger roles. The new station managers, junior’s Sean Manzella and Christian Parrot, hope to bring improvements and a great new energy to the class next year.

TV Broadcasting teacher, Roman Cebulski, who is also the advisor for NCTV, chose Sean and Christian because he believes they will create a positive change for NCTV productions. “Sean and Christian have a great combination of skill sets. They both know a lot about the different roles of NCTV and are very well rounded with the tasks that we do,” he said. “As the new station managers, they are expected to bring a lot of problem solving skills and great support to the class for the next year.

Christian, who has been taking TV Broadcasting since his freshmen year, is particularly specialized behind the camera, which makes all the difference in production. “As an upcoming senior I hope to bring a new level of energy that we had almost lacked this year,” he said. “We also have some new upcoming leaders who will make a big difference to the class and station as a whole.”  

Junior Sean Manzella, another Station Manager, balances the levels of the different microphones in the studio. Photo by Katie Tan

Along with Christian, Sean is looking forward to bringing new qualities to the class which he hopes will improve NCTV. “I am planning to bring more organization and communication to NCTV. I hope to set an example for the rest of the class and I want NCTV to be the best it can be,” Sean said. “I want to make NCTV great again.”  

Sean and Christian, who have been working together since freshmen year, both agree that the former years production of NCTV was not their strongest. They are ready to bounce back from it and make significant changes. “We are going to try and do more things next year in NCTV that weren’t as strong this year,” Christian said. “We are going to focus on sports, the look of the video, and the station as a whole.”

Along with changes to the video and production aspects of the class, Sean hopes to get students more involved in the class. “We want to get the student body more involved in the announcements, whether it be sending in pictures for the weather graphics, submitting stories, or playing student made music on the announcements,” Sean said. “If students have any work that they want to show on the announcements such as videos, music, meetings around school, clubs, etc. please send them to”

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