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Kara Fahey, Reporter

Allie and Jake consult with Journalism 1 student, Meera Srinivasan. Photo by Kara Fahey

Going into the 2017-2018 school year we can all be expecting changes in our classes. For Journalism, as our former Editors in Chief head off to college, there are juniors ready to take their places. The advisors, Roman Cebulski and Michael McAteer, have created new positions to reinvent the Courant. Section editors have now been broken up into story editors so that everyone can have the opportunity to expand their skills in every aspect of the class.

Mr. McAteer describes the new responsibilities that will be given to the rising Editors in Chief, junior’s Jake Neuberger and Allie Neugeboren. “Our executive counsel this year is made up of two Editors in Chief,” he said. “They will mostly be responsible for running the verbal and written along with visual and spoken parts of the Courant.”

Allie and Journalism 2 students, Caroline Castle and Maddie Sturcke, passionately make a decision on a graphic. Photo by Kara Fahey

After completing his first year of Journalism, Jake is now in charge of media, which he hopes to focus on even after high school. Admired for his internal motivation and shown through his work, he is expected to bring a great source of media to the Courant for the new year. “As an upcoming senior I plan on improving the overall media of the Courant. I want to help broaden people’s overall horizons in terms of the media they use and the way they tell the story,” Jake said.  

On the other side, Allie is specializing in the verbal, written, and organizational components of the Courant. In the future, Allie is set to incorporate more social media and structure to the online and print newspaper. “We have gone through an entire change of our council now having Jake focused on media and me on the verbal side. New executive and seniors editors editors in charge are now focusing on major parts of the class, which helps with organization,” Allie said.

Mr. Cebulski explains that next year students will all be focusing on a more visual look to the website including video stories. “We are going to incorporate more video and content stories that reflect the type of journalism that we are seeing today,” he said. “We are really trying to bring a more visual look to the Courant to tell the story through the specific type of media that was chosen.” With a brand new staff and creative ideas for improvement, we can all be expecting a great year for the Courant.

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