NCHS Veterans Day Recap


Meera Srinivasan, Story Editor

On November 10, juniors from US History classes got the opportunity to speak with veterans as a part of the NCPS district’s efforts to celebrate Veteran’s Day. This year, New Canaan High School held it’s annual Veteran’s Day Assembly and conducted interviews in front of a live audience. To honor those who have fought for our country, students spoke with veterans from Afghanistan, Korea and World War II. John Engel, an army captain who served in Operation Desert Storm, spoke of his experience being stranded with a group of men in Afghanistan. Nicholas J. Sheppard, a Marine Colonel during the Korean war and WWII, was interviewed as well and described his time in the army. The impressive and inspiring stories from these veterans taught students what it means to fight for America. These interviews are part of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project where they are available to watch by the public.

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