NCHS Undergoes New Changes Over the Summer


Meera Srinivasan, Story Editor

As NCHS rings in the new year, students may have noticed the new changes around the school that happened. Thanks to the Parent Faculty Associations’ (PFA) beautification project, the outside of the school has had another renovation. A major exterior renovation has been completed to boost the brick-concrete appearance of the high school. The PFA’s goal in all these changes is to create an environment that fosters positivity and reflects the learning that occurs inside the school.

Phase 3 of the Beautification Project features a bench which students can sit on during sunny days. Photo by Meera Srinivasan

Over the summer, Phase 3 of the Beautification project was completed along the front left wall of the school. New plants and trees were added to include some greenery within the dull concrete of the building. It was landscaped to slope and fit the lines of the buildings’ architecture, an idea brought about by Leslie Kammerer; the project’s landscaping designer. As of now, the two year project has also included renovating the parking island directly in front of the school as well as adding new benches and bike racks.

In addition to the beautification project, the school has undergone many other changes. Hallways now have new school signs to direct students towards classrooms. Many students can attest that finding the classrooms within the school is quite a struggle since the room numbers are random. With these new hallway signs, finding where to go will become easier for both new and returning students alike.

Be sure to look out for the new student of the month displays while you walk through the halls! Photo by Meera Srinivasan

Be sure to look out for the new student and athlete of the month displays as well! NCHS staff is aiming for positivity this year and wants to acknowledge students who stand out with exceptional feats. As students know, NCHS has a reputation for priding itself on its athletes which is why these displays have been put up for all to see.

No matter how stressed students will be during the upcoming year, hopefully these new changes will add some needed brightness to the school day!



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