Letter to NCHS seniors


Emma Nolan, Editor-in-Chief

Hello Seniors,

It’s me again, for one of the last times. Trust me I really, really tried not to write a cheesy article for our last week, but I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Today marks the official “lasts” of our high school career. Today is your last D day on the eight day rotation. Tomorrow is your last Tuesday ever, the next day is your last Wednesday and every day after that is your last. You’re going to eat your last double chocolate muffin and you’re going to be a little sad- even though you know those things totally have like a whole stick of butter in each of them. You’re going to hear Killelea say his last “PHONES AWAAAAY” and you’re going to roll your eyes, but then you’re going to laugh and you’re going to miss it. You’re going to walk up the stairs to Physics and complain about how sore your legs are, but then you’re going to turn to your friend and say “hey, that was the last time we ever have to walk up those stairs”, and it’s going to be a little bit sad.

In these last final days, there are some things I want you to do; A challenge if you will. Say hi to everyone you know in the hallway. Even if you only kind of know them from that one time you bumped into them at practice, say hello. That hello might be your last with them, and you’ll never know. Tell your teachers thank you, and tell the good teachers you love and appreciate them. Make sure the lunch ladies feel thanked. They put up with rude and tired high schoolers everyday, and they are wonderful and hilarious if you ever get to know them. Tell Rosa you love her like your mother. Say goodbye to your old teachers and make sure to tell your guidance counselor they played a big part in saving your life. Tell Ms. Pescatello and Ms. Lapolla they are adorable and your want to pack them away with you to go to college. That may just be me though, I’m not sure. Type your name into the courant and look to see if anything comes up. Although you might have told everyone being quoted was lame, I’m sure a little part of you felt cool to be in a story. Make sure that the others around you feel loved, and do your best to feel loved. With internships, you’re not going to see your friends every single day as we would in school. Do your best to make this week worth it. Wear your shirt on Friday. Take pictures on the senior patio with the girl you’re going to college with even though you don’t want to look soft in front of the other guys. Join in on a hacky sack game. Blow your last remaining five dollar bills going off during your free to Zumbachs. Live on the edge and go late to a class- Don’t skip though, we really can’t have any unexcused absences right now. Go to the remaining sports games because I can promise you’re going to miss Bussey’s Bomb Squad. Eat everything in the cafeteria you haven’t tried yet, GO to your senior prom/ post prom. Soak up all parts of this NCHS community while you can.

This isn’t the end, not quite yet, but it’s the final lap. When you’re angry and think “I can’t wait to leave”, take a step back and think about it all. All the good, all the bad, and all the fun. Trust me, you’re going to miss this. You’re going to miss all of it. Three years from now you’re going to find a crumpled up Courant in your desk drawer. You’re going to look through it and reminisce on this stuff and you’re going to laugh because you remember, even though half of you claim you never actually read the paper. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. Go forth, conquer these last couple days. Enjoy it. Because it’s happening.

High School Forever,
Emma Nolan.


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