Jets get Hosed, Giants surprise everyone, and Undefeated Teams are no more, Week 6 Recap.


Jets get Hosed, Giants surprise everyone, and Undefeated Teams are no more, Week 6 Recap.

By: Dylan Pescatore

This NFL Season has been much different from others, for one the Patriots look human, which creates the unpredictability for the playoffs, something we haven’t really had in the past few seasons. The Pats faced off against the surprising, but still lowly Jets this Sunday, looking to get back on track with a big win against a divisional rival. They definitely didn’t impress, as they went down 14-0 quickly, the defensive nightmares showing their ugly heads once again. Tom Brady did fight back as we expected he would, driving 54 yards in 2:00 to tie the game up at 14 at halftime. The Pats then seemed to turn it on, going up 24-14, and closing it out with a 24-17 win, but something occurred in this game that has disappointed not only Jets fans, but the NFL fanbases in general, the Jets TE Austin Seferian Jenkins was fighting for the pylon as 3 patriots players tried to bring him down, they couldn’t and he scored his second TD of the day, or so we thought. ASJ lost control for a moment, but regained control as he hit the pylon, and the play was under review. Everyone seemed it would be a quick review, the end result being in the TD standing, we were all wrong, and it was ruled a fumble out of the end zone, which definitely brought confusion to viewers. The NFL must tighten up the replay system and allow it to be more explainable if they want ratings to rise, which will not be if this continues to occur. Now onto the surprise of the week, The New York Giants had lost their top 3 Wide Receivers in the last week in OBJ, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard, how would they be able to set up 3 backups into starting positions in a matter of 6 days? I sure don’t know, but the defense knew they had to step up, and sure they did, holding Denver to 10 points and getting the G-Men their first win of the year.


This is where the East Coast bias disappears, the NFC Playoff picture is a very, very interesting one now that Aaron Rodgers is on the shelf. Most contenders from last year don’t look the same, the Falcons look average, the Cowboys took a hit with Ezekiel Elliot being suspended, which means here come the newcomers. My predictions for the NFC Playoffs can definitely be argued, but with no real #1 standout team this year, I got the Philadelphia Eagles facing the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship. This might be one of Drew Brees’ last years, and that defense has looked better than most when you compare them to Saints Defenses in the past few years. The Saints offense is firing on all cylinders, and there is no team who wants to go to New Orleans and face Drew Brees and his crew in the Bayou. The Philadelphia Eagles have really proven themselves to be legit, Carson Wentz and newly acquired receiver Alshon Jeffery are really connecting, and their win against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night proved their defense is tougher than you think, picking off Cam Newton 3 times, plus Fletcher Cox rushing the Quarterback is a dynamic duo for this defense. Week 6 has been a crazy one, I leave you with my Picks for Week 7.


Matchups:    Picks:

Chiefs     at Raiders Cheifs

Bucs       at Bills Bills

Ravens   at Vikings Vikings

Jets        at Dolphins Jets  

Cardinals at Rams Cardinals

Jaguars   at Colts Jaguars

Saints      at Packers Saints

Panthers  at Bears Panthers

Titans       at Browns Titans

Cowboys   at 49ers Cowboys

Broncos     at Chargers Broncos

Bengals     at Steelers Steelers

Seahawks at Giants Seahawks

Falcons     at Patriots Patriots

Redskins   at Eagles Eagles


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