Independent Studies Program brings new opportunities to NCHS


Mikaylah Vindas, Reporter

Junior Griffin Fill is currently studying the Arabic language at New Canaan High School to fulfill his interests in international relations. Even though Arabic is not a language option at the high school, Griffin was able to incorporate his outside interests through the Independent Studies program. With the growing program, upperclassmen students have the opportunity to pursue a subject they are passionate about.

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Elizabeth Greer codes in order to complete her Computer Science independent study. Photo contributed by Elizabeth Greer

Griffin became motivated to take an independent study so that he can be more prepared for his future career endeavors. “For several years, I’ve wanted to go into a field related to international relations, like global policy, Griffin said. “I talked with my guidance counselor to learn more about the options, and she told me about the independent study.”

Veronica Astacio, Spanish teacher and head of the Independent Studies program, noticed that the project became increasingly popular this year due to its flexibility to explore one’s passion. “It allows students to explore topics that are beyond the classroom setting,” she said. “This year we had around 24 students enrolled.”

According to junior Elizabeth Greer, who chose to focus her independent study on computer science, had difficulty juggling school work and a study. “A lot of people are having trouble with is time management. Since you’re not in a class where there are teachers and deadlines, it is easy for people to put off their work until last minute,” she said.

Senior Eva Pace, who is studying marketing and advertising, finds the project helpful for her to work directly with small businesses around New Canaan. “I like how I can expand out of the high school and contact New Canaan as a community,” she said.

Students have already begun working on their independent studies projects which will last either a semester or the entire year. If you are considering starting an independent study, be sure to contact Ms. Astacio early at the beginning of next year to guarantee yourself a spot.


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