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Francesca DeRosa & Serra Oral
Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Between May 14th to Nov. 19th, New Canaan’s Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This past Saturday we both made a visit to the Farmers Market location in the Old Center School Parking Lot in downtown to check out the different stands and of course sample offerings. When we talked to the different venders, some common occurrences were that the food offered here are all organic or with organic ingredients, picked and made fresh. The love the different venders put into their products was represented in how good they tasted, which trust us, was fabulous. Below are some of our favorite and most interesting stand owners with more information on what makes them so special. (Order of the pictures in the slide show corresponds to the order of the quotes for each stand)

Whistle Stop Bakery“It’s delicious pie! It’s all homemade. We roll out all our own pie shells and we use only fresh fruit, never frozen or canned, in our pies. We don’t need to add a lot of our sugar.”

Bongo & Capacci“We have a lot of variety in our ravioli. It ranges from beet to lobster. Furthermore, we use fresh ingredients and not preservatives. We have lasagna and homemade pasta which is convenient and easy to make.”

Trinity Farms“Our milk is the best. We just got awarded ‘The Cleanest Milk in the Northeast’. All of our cows are grass fed and organic.”

Babycat Milkbar: “We have the only herbal tea blend sweetened with Stevia, a plant like basil which has leaved 300 times sweeter than sugar.  It is all natural and has no calories.  The entire family can enjoy it!  The tea is full of Vitamin C, is nutritious, and is powerful stuff.”

Dream Desserts: “They are all natural, glutton-free desserts. We have very unique flavors and we make everything from scratch. We use  only all natural ingredients. We squeeze lemons for the lemon bars. Chop up pecans for the pecan bar.”

Beldotti Bakeries (Can email at ronv@2bsmarter.com): “The basil [for their famous pesto]is very fresh. Every morning, we get it fresh and make it the same day. It’s local basil and the mozzarella is also homemade.”

Du Soleil (Can email at bistrodusoleil@aol.com): “We use organic products and have a seasonal cooking approach. For instance, when there is corn available, we use corn. It’s great for sustainability.”

Michele’s Pies: “We use all fresh ingredients, no fresh or frozen products, and it’s all made with love.”

Connecticutly Grown: “All of our ingredients [for our hot sauce]are grown exclusively in Connecticut. We are all about supporting local farmers.”

Skinny Pies: “All of our [pizza]pies have locally sourced fresh toppings. They are as locals as local gets. Or oven is a wood fired brick oven. Also, we do catering. We come to your house and park the oven in your driveway. ”

Goatboy: “We are the only ones in the state that make goat milk soap. We milk our own goats.It’s mild, mosturizing, and good for sensitive skin.”

RAUS Coffee: “There is a differentiation of products. Everything is single or double certified, fair-trade organic or relationship farmers.  Everything is specialized.  Ot’s all [art pf the coffee for humanity.”

Greyledge Farm: “Our product is all natural beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. We don’t use any antibiotics or hormones. All of our cattle is registered, which is unique in the meet industry.”

Gazy Brother’s Farm: “Fresh picked crops in the morning is the way to do it!”

Photos by Serra Oral




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