Cinefiles: Must watch movies of 2015


Jenny Levine
Arts, Entertainment, and Technology Editor

2015 appears to be an exciting year in cinema– we’ll see about that. In the mean time, find your free New Canaan calendars and mark down the must-see movies of the year.

March: CHAPPiE

It might have opened with only a $13.3 million opening weekend, but something about this futuristic-coming-of-age robot movie reminds me of Wall-e  (I’m hopeful this isn’t going to be another one of those); maybe it’s the longing guitar chord that persists throughout the trailer or maybe the shout out to Groot with the last line, “I am Chappie.”

April: Ex Machina

Whaaat? Another robot movie? Yes. This is the future! Japan has actually created a human-like robot, soak it in people. Although I’m not the horror movie type, this looks more like a questioning of the morality of artificial intelligence and a thriller than anything, kind of like a psychotic Her.

May: Avengers: Age of Ultron

With Avengers netting in $1.518 billion, Marvel won’t spare a penny to bring the audience the best action, best group rifts and the best sassiness of RDJ. I would say this pick is a no brainer.

June: Inside Out

I think we know each other well enough for me to be honest; if Pixar gave us a movie about a talking lamp who is just trying to find herself, we would eat that up for breakfast, lunch and dinner then ask for a doggy bag. So, Pixar gives us a movie dealing with the conflicting emotions of adolescence, yeah sign me up for that petition, DNC.

July: Anything but Ant-man

Ant-man comes out July 17.. I will be watching hell freezing over before I see a movie that really should’ve been spent focusing on Thundra, Lilith, Roma, or anybody else in the Marvel Universe.

I refuse to watch the trailer. I’ve heard there are some jokes about how lame the name Ant-man is, that’s all.

August: Fantastic Four

Marvel is releasing a newly imagined Fantastic Four– they’re all young! Ah! It’s like X-Men: Days of Future Past except they don’t have to incorporate a confusing time traveling storyline. I think Marvel hit something big, I’ll call it the three R’s- reboot, reboot, reboot.

September: Jane Got a Gun

In my opinion, Natalie Portman has been too quiet these days and I am very much excited for her next cowboy action flick.

October: Steve Jobs

Will Michael Fassbender finally get a Oscar nom? I don’t know, after Ashton Kutcher fudged up the last Jobs biopic, we’ll see if the whole concept can be redeemed with the prowess of Kate Winslet and Fassbender.

No trailer available.

November: Spectre

My passion for all things Christoph Waltz continues as he appears in the next James Bond movie as the unnamed villain. The current description says, “A cryptic message from his past sends James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a quest to uncover a sinister organization.” Whatever this sinister organization is, I’m a fan of the black suit.

December: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What is the force awakening from? What’s up with the two ends of the light saber? Won’t you slice yourself when you’re fighting? Why do I have so many questions over something that is only 1 minute and 30 seconds?


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