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NCHS from the student’s point of view…

Perfect score or a real education? Take your pick


Suburbia is perhaps the only form of civilization in history that was established as an escape from the very same human senses that had once called for the growth of cities. The suburban dream was the ideal for a newly generated group of individualists who saw themselves as above man’s primitive social tendencies. The suburban man, unable to grasp the concept of a collective importance, must constantly judge his own accomplishments against those of his ‘friends.’

At NCHS, I rarely see students straying away from this idea of constant comparison…

October Issue Editorial


On October 6th, NCHS hosted the Names Can Hurt assembly to address and combat bullying. The message of the assembly was clear: the administration hopes to see a movement away from the exclusivity and cruelty which can characterize social interactions. Likewise, Principal Tony Pavia hopes to see an increase in “sportsmanship, school unity, and inclusivity” during Spirit Week. While the “Names” assembly and encouragement of Mr. Pavia are necessary steps towards the elimination of bullying, actions on the part of the faculty alone will not suffice. Should we hope to end harassment at NCHS, students must do two things: differentiate between meanness and bullying, and begin to deviate from the language of political correctness to allow for a candid discussion of the issue…

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