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Find out what’s going on at NCHS.

Student Coalition Election


Maddie Sturcke, Reporter @sturcke_courant NCHS Students have casted their votes and after days of anticipation the results are in! Look below to find out who your student coalition leaders are and make sure to check out Leigh Charlton’s story regarding STUCO and it’s impact on student life. Student Body President Jack Dunn Vice President Charlie Hane Treasurer Taylor Devito Class of 2018 Class President Regan O’Malley Political Board Brandon Hruska Social Board Bobby Carpenter Class of 2019 Class President Chase Pellegrini  Political Board Luke Crowley Social Board Joelle Anselmo Class of 2020 Class President Steven Hoge Political Board…

NCHS Says Goodbye to Retiring Teachers


Meera Srinivasan, Reporter @meerascourant As the 2017 school year comes to a close, many students and teachers must say a painful goodbye to some of the many retiring faculty members this year. Looking back, the retiring teachers reminisce on their favorite memories from their years of teaching. The assistant principal at NCHS, Dr. Veronica LeDuc, is retiring after 38 years of working in education. Initially a research chemist studying cancer, Dr. LeDuc began teaching when her former high school, Notre Dame Academy, was looking for a chemistry teacher. Ever since then, she has held a strong passion for education that…

What are seniors still doing at NCHS?


Cat Levine, Executive Editor @catcourant For the past three weeks, 83% of the senior class has been out doing exciting new tasks on their internships. However, the thirty seniors still at NCHS have also experienced new changes in their classroom settings. Along with having smaller classes going to as low as one person, the administration has also brought in speakers with interesting career stories and experiences. Senior Aurelie Moutran explains that even though she’s in her second semester, she is still busy at work in her classes doing projects, reading books, and engaging in discussions. “I’m doing a variety of…

NCHS Scholarship Foundation celebrates 50th anniversary


Cat Levine, News Editor @catcourant For 50 years, the New Canaan Scholarship Foundation has been raising money for NCHS students that need financial aid for college. In honor of their anniversary, the board decided to transform the annual Scholarship Drive into the first ever NC Color Run. The Color Run will take place on April 29th, 2017 and is open to the entire town. The foundation hopes that all students and members of the community participate in the fundraiser and encourages everyone to start registering now. NC Color Run co-chair Alison Mennitt helped come up with new ideas to replace…

Double trouble: Chase Pellegrini and Nicole Vanderlee win MUN gavel


Leigh Charlton, News Editor @leighcourant When sophomores Chase Pellegrini and Nicole Vanderlee boarded the bus to the Georgetown Model UN Conference in Washington, DC, they were already focused on success. After three days of negotiating and giving speeches, that concentration payed off as the “Dream Team” double delegation took DISEC, the largest room at the conference, by storm. Chase and Nicole were subsequently honored with the “Best Delegate” award. History teacher and Model UN club advisor Paul Phillips helped to put their achievement into perspective. “Georgetown is the toughest and biggest conference in the country,” Mr. Phillips said. “It’s like…

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