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Kathy Giusti offers inspiration during the Women in the Workforce Luncheon


Abigail Weiss, Reporter @AWeissCourant The Women in the Workforce club held its sixth luncheon, with special guest Kathy Giusti. Ms. Giusti, a Harvard graduate and CEO of the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation (MMRF) gave career advice and told of her experience in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field. As a person who has survived terminal cancer, Ms. Giusti recognizes the importance of time and uses it as her motivation. “If you believe that you’re going to live only three years and you need to get something done, you need to get it done now,” she said. “And I also think…

Journalism students have the opportunity of a lifetime at 60 Minutes


Cat Levine, News Editor @catcourant Instead of walking to their first period classes, on Tuesday, November 15 the Courant staff grabbed their umbrellas and hopped on a train to the CBS 60 Minutes headquarters in New York City. Courant editors met with Executive Producer and former CBS News Worldwide President Jeff Fager and Coordinating Producer Alison Pepper in the screening room and was able to learn what a job in journalism looks like and how 60 Minutes is able to produce such a successful news program. Senior Editor-in-Chief Molly Keshin, touring the CBS facilities, gave her a glimpse of what…

Women in the Workforce to hold their sixth luncheon with Kathy Giusti


Reporter: Abby Weiss @AWeissCourant  On Monday December 12, the Women in the Workforce club will be hosting a luncheon in the Wagner Room during all three lunches. Each semester, the club invites a female speaker to talk about their career path and how they broke gender barriers. Senior Tessa Piontkowski has been organizing these luncheons every semester since her freshman year. After reading the book Lean In in Ms. D’Acosta’s honors freshman English class and co-winning the Willbourn Fellowship off her project Women in the Workforce Wednesday, Tessa has been advocating for gender diversity and more female representation in the…

What’s the buzz about Bee Club?


Meera Srinivasan, Reporter @meerascourant Imagine living in a world with no fruit, vegetables or meat. Without bees, that world could become a reality and it’s closer than you think. In the past year, 44% of bee colonies have collapsed due to colony collapse disorder, a severe threat to both the nations’ bees and farmers. The cause of the disorder isn’t clear however, what scientists are aware of is that it results in a rapid population decline and leaves the bees queen helpless. The high school’s new Bee Club founded by junior Dave Kelly and senior Joe Peiser aims to promote…

Jim Zambarano is awarded as CTEEA Teacher of Excellence


Cat Levine, News Editor @catcourant Jim Zambrano, one of NCHS’s Career and Technology Education teachers, has been recognized by the Connecticut Technology & Engineering  Education Association as the CTEEA 2016 Teacher of Excellence. William McDonough, president of the CTEEA, is hosting the awards ceremony on November 8th (12:00 to 1:00) at their annual conference. Mr. Zambarano, now after 23 years of teaching, remembers  to how he felt on his first day and how that has changed over time. “The first three periods were great, but in my automotive class there was a fight,” he said. “I went home and thought I…

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