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Find out what’s going on at NCHS.

District plans for new alternative high school program


Caroline Cioffi, Reporter @cciofficourant Most students have never experienced anything other than the 7-hour school day they are familiar with. Their time is divided into 48-minute periods and they hurry from class to class at the sound of a bell. Once they leave class, students are met with the noisy commotion of a hallway filled with high-schoolers. For many, this type of atmosphere can be extremely stressful and is not conducive to learning. That is where the new Alternative High School Program comes into play. According to Business Insider, roughly half a million students attended alternative school programs across the…

Activities Between Midterms


Olivia Flaherty-Lovy, Reporter @ofl_courant January in Connecticut is famous in many ways; There’s the classic second snow fall of the year that’s shadowed by weeks of slush and mud, the struggle of waking up early to wipe frost off car windshields, the first week back after break where everyone tries to remember exactly what they learned for the past four months of school. But, January at NCHS is most well known for something most students try not to think about until absolutely necessary: midterms. Every year, with exams around the corner, it’s not uncommon for the stress levels of both…

Raven Matherne: Connecticut’s first transgender lawmaker


Reilly O’Neill, Senior Editor @rconeillcourant The windows of the Park Street Starbucks we are sitting in have fogged up around us, and the sun has been long gone. Sitting across from me is Representative Raven Matherne, a newly elected member of the Stamford Board of Representatives and the first transgender adult I’ve ever had the opportunity to have a proper conversation with. She is also the first transgender lawmaker elected in Connecticut. After reading about LGBT+ pioneers online for years, and having recently published an open letter to my personal queer heroes, to sit across from one in a Starbucks and…

New ‘Teen Talk’ Counselor: Samantha Wynn


Caroline Cioffi, Reporter @cciofficourant Located across from the nurse’s office, students may notice a classroom door decorate with the words “I help with…” and brightly colored shapes displaying feelings like “worried”, “confused”, and “stressed” that many students experience on a daily basis. Once inside, students will find a bean bag chair, a variety of posters, and the welcoming face of Samantha Wynn, Kids In Crisis Outreach Counselor. Ms. Sam has been a counselor for many years and brings her experience counseling children and adults facing a variety of circumstances to the New Canaan High School community through the ‘Teen Talk’ program.…

Tri-State Consortium assess NCHS’ cognitive engagement


Allie Neugeboren, Editor in Chief @alneugiecourant This the past week of November 23, NCHS was visited by a group of 17 administrators and teachers known as the Tri-State Consortium. This special group of educators visited classes from every department and all five schools of the NCPS district, focusing on the high school’s advancements in ‘cognitive engagement’. Assistant Principal Ari Rothman delves deeper into the importance of the essential question regarding cognitive engagement. “The main reason I see the value in this is if we think all our students are cognitively engaged, meaning really required to think and the work we’re…

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