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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

I think the high school just tweeted


In an era where “google” is now a verb in the dictionary, and the Internet is increasingly accessible, it can be said that the Internet is vital to our lives. With that being said, technologically progressive websites, known as Web 2.0, now serve as an alternate and new mode of education. However, as these websites and technologies largely involve video sharing or social networking, they are often seen as a potential distraction while being an alternate educational tool. From this, a question arises at our schools: to block or not to block?

The summer vacation transformation


Peter Lacerenza Features Editor It’s always an interesting phenomena walking in on the first day of school. Who are they? You might wonder, as a group of people resembling your friends approaches you, although with an inch to their height, bronzed complexions and obvious hours spent at the mall. After realizing that in fact, they are your friends, you begin to discuss your summers as if you hadn’t already over Facebook chat, although you realize that during the two month sojourn from school has altered their appearance as well personality. This summer transformation is something that has continued from kindergarten…

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