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Planning for some summer


Siddharth Deshpande
In the midst of a cold winter, most people eagerly await the onset of summer but are far from planning what they actually plan to do over the two-month vacation. However, students interested in pursuing summer programs and jobs this year need to start planning for their activities now, as deadlines for applications to summer opportunities are quickly approaching.

According to Ms. Susan Carroll, coordinator of the College and Career Center the deadlines for applications to summer programs may be due sooner than we think…

“I was feeling a little sick this morning…”


Kelly Saiz

You’re tired and your math teacher is clearly incapable of sustaining your attention. You have a history test next period that you didn’t study for because your basketball team didn’t get back from Staples until late last night. Do you stay in school and miserably contemplate destroying your calculator or do you go home “sick” and get some rest before your practice later?

Three years ago, it wasn’t so easy for a student to get around the system in order to make allowance for their extracurricular activities…

Senioritis hits harder than the Swine Flu this season


Anjelique Kyriakos

Walking into the lounge, it’s not hard to miss many underclassmen rushing to get work done before the bell rings and they go off to class once again. Yet there is one corner of the room where it is an odd sight to see a book out, or a pencil in hand. The senior section is a breeding ground for senioritis, and by the end of the year, it will be almost impossible for a student in the class of 2010 to avoid it…

36 Years of the Holiday Assembly


Whitney Gulden

“The holiday assembly used to be called ‘Cacophony of Sound’, don’t ask me how to spell it,” Attila Levai said. Mr. Levai has been teaching at NCHS for 36 years now, and his first year teaching was also the first year of the now traditional holiday assembly.

“Ultimately the holiday assembly is a showing of mostly student musical talents,” he said. “Over the years…

New chapter for student and librarian relationship


Emma Hutchins
Features Editor

You’re at a table in the library with a few friends when you pop open that Izze you bought during second lunch, and suddenly a librarian is at your side. Busted. Moments like these lead some students to feel a strained relationship with librarians. “There’s definitely some tension in the interactions with librarians,” said sophomore Jack Neuhaus.

Junior Carly* agrees, “I generally would say librarians and students are not on the best terms…”

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