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New chapter for student and librarian relationship


Emma Hutchins
Features Editor

You’re at a table in the library with a few friends when you pop open that Izze you bought during second lunch, and suddenly a librarian is at your side. Busted. Moments like these lead some students to feel a strained relationship with librarians. “There’s definitely some tension in the interactions with librarians,” said sophomore Jack Neuhaus.

Junior Carly* agrees, “I generally would say librarians and students are not on the best terms…”

It doesn’t always have to be a “Bad Romance”


Peter Lacerenza
Features Editor

In middle school, relationships had a simple formula. They consisted of merely calling someone else your boyfriend or girlfriend for a few days until things went tragically downhill. Now that we are in high school, relationships are often a little less formulaic.
Nowadays, we must worry about whether we are casually dating, FBO (Facebook Official), friends with benefits, having a no-strings-attached hookup, or caught in a dreaded love triangle…

Wordle, Cuberunner and iBowl, oh my!


Let’s be serious, at one point in time all of us have pitched a fit over losing a game of Cuberunner, Scoops, Billiards, or Wordle and the list only goes on and on. Looking around in the library there are at least three students on iPhones playing a game.

Since the first iPhone was released on June 29th, 2007 the world has been forever changed by its applications, or “apps” as they’ve been nicknamed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs…

Sleep deprivation: My life as a homework zombie


As you walk into the high school in the morning, it seems as though you’re entering a world of zombies. Everywhere you look, you see kids still half asleep wishing that they were back home in their warm comfy bed. Why is this?

Generally, most students go to bed late and wake up early, like junior Katie Scott. “I go to bed at 12 and wake up at 6,” she said.

Even so, others are like junior Elbek Abasov, and have a weird sleep schedule to get the work done in the day. “I probably get 5 hours of sleep each day,” he said “I come home, take a one to two hour nap, then work until 2 am and get up again at 6:10…”

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