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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

Students spend summer around the world


Maureen Dinnie
Senior Editor

Summer is a time for relaxation, a time for students who spend 10 months of the school year stuck inside with homework and projects to finally get some rest. But for a few students, the summer held different, more active plans. Summer pre-college programs are common in high schools, drawing interest from a couple of students each year.There are many different reasons why students are drawn by these programs across the country. For senior Elbek Abasov, who participated in the NYU Pre-college program in New York City, the interest in the program began early. “I really wanted to start getting a feel for college and split away from the whole high school feeling and start doing my own thing,” Elbek said.

Are concerts for the music or the party?


Conor Goodwin

Since early April, students have circled their calendars for this upcoming weekend to attend the Dave Mathews Band concert. Throughout the spring and summer, a variety of concerts will be occurring and will be popularly attended because of both the music and the party. This raises the question, are the concerts just a four hour party or two hours to enjoy the live performance?

“Who’s Dave?” junior Grayson Cordes replied…

I can’t believe he broke up with me over Facebook!


Danielle Sorcher

Austin*, a junior, knew that it wasn’t working out. He had to break up with Jen*, yet he was scared and didn’t really want to hurt her. But something had to be done — he had to get out of the relationship.

Heart pounding, his fingers flew across the keyboard. A long paragraph formed on the computer screen in front of him, full of feelings of regret, relief, and fear. One click and the paragraph, the one that would break the heart of the person on the other line, would be sent. One click, and it was done.

This story is not uncommon. Along with the hookups of high school come the almost inevitable breakups, which can be done in person, online, by text, or phone call…

To meat or not to meat


Emma Hutchins
Features Editor

Recently, Hollywood has been swept by a flood of pro-animal support, as big industry names like Carrie Underwood and Brad Pitt join the ranks of vegetarians and vegans. Whether or not kids view these individuals as dietary role models is debatable. However, an increasing number of teens now consider themselves vegetarians…

A shot at friendship with your teacher


Lucia Molina

It’s the last period of the day, but the school day isn’t over yet. It continues with club meetings, play rehearsal, and sports practices. Through sports, clubs, and other after school activities, students have the opportunity to get to know their teachers better…

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