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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

Student lifeguards get a glimpse beyond the zinc oxide


Cat Levine, Executive Editor @catcourant This past summer, a few students at NCHS ditched their desks in exchange for the pool. Lifeguarding at country clubs and local pools is a popular option for many high schoolers seeking employment. The state requirement for all pools is that an applicant become Red Cross certified by taking a training course. Due to the rapid changes in modern medicine, recertification is necessary every two years. Besides learning pre-EMT and medical skills, lifeguarding is a popular experience for students to take responsibility for protecting club patrons and tending to the facilities. Senior Eliza Farley, who…

The Origins of Spirit Week


Skye Curren, Reporter @esccourant For one week every school year, NCHS is transformed. Instead of student’s usual apparel, the school halls are filled, varying each day, with extravagant costumes. This year, Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Classy Day, Wednesday is Turn Back the Clock Day, Thursday is Costume Day and Friday is Red and Black Day. Homecoming week gets students excited and highlights school pride, but when did these traditions start? David Harvey, a ‘71 graduate of NCHS, reminisced on his favorite spirit days, Turn Back the Clock and Red and Black Day. “We had red and black day,…

NCHS teams up with Carver Kids


Joelle Anselmo, Story Editor Katie Jahns, Reporter @janselmocourant @kmjahns To most kids, a birthday is a celebration filled with presents and cake. However, NCHS student Kiera Russo took a different approach to her celebration. “For my 16th birthday, instead of getting presents, I decided it would be a good idea to gather donations and gifts for a charity,” said Kiera. After doing some research, Kiera and her mom discovered a local charity only 20 minutes away, called the Carver Center. After her birthday, Kiera and her mother went to the center to drop off the donations that she had received.…

One Pen Can Save A Life


Matthew Pelli, Reporter @MPelliCourant Imagine living in a world where you don’t have a pen to write something down. When you walk into a medical clinic, it is not only expected, but essential for them to have the materials needed to write down your condition. When you go to school, supplies such as pens are necessary to complete your work. Yet in some places, these tasks can’t be completed because pens are not an available resource. The Human Rights Club at New Canaan High School understands how valuable a pen can be, and is raising awareness for those places that…

The Ideal High School


Joelle Anselmo, Story Editor @janselmoCourant Personalized learning is New Canaan High School’s new yearly goal for 2018, and teachers are adapting and changing their classrooms to meet it. All over America, school curriculums are adopting advanced and unique ways that integrate a student’s outside interests and hobbies into the classroom. Accommodating to the changing technology and altering studies to students’ specific wants and needs is the new high school educational purpose. Principal, Bill Egan, comments on what exactly this idea of ‘personalized’ means to students and teachers alike. “It’s student-owned. Meaning you take a student’s interests and skills and…

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