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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

“Atlantic Hurricane Season”: How to Help


Jillian Augustine, Senior Editor @jillaugcourant As the end of the summer approaches and the difference in temperatures between the air and surface of the sea increases, we find ourselves in the midst of what is called “Atlantic Hurricane Season.” This peak in aggressive weather is known to specifically take place in September, showing that Hurricane Harvey is right on time, followed closely behind by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey touched down near Rockport, Texas, on August 25th, as a Category 4 Hurricane. Since then, it again landed in Cameron, Louisiana, devastating the Gulf Coast along the entire way. However, it is…

Advice from Upperclassman


Abby Weiss and Caroline Castle, Reporters @AWeissCourant, @ccastlecourant To finish off the school year, the Courant asked a bunch of upperclassman for advice on the second half of high school in order to address the worries of the younger students. Here’s what NCHS student body had to say:

I Hated Fidget Spinners Until….


Katie Tan, Reporter @KtanCourant From Nintendos to Furbys to now Fidget Spinners, the toy trends are constantly changing. As the new hottest fad of 2017, you’ve probably heard about the piece of plastic that either makes you roll your eyes or reach into your backpack to grasp your own. Originally, fidget spinners were designed as stress-relieving toys that are marketed towards children with ADHD or ADD. Now, they are taking classrooms by storm and conjuring up a variety of emotions. Not only has the fidget spinner taken over New Canaan, it’s popular worldwide. Fidget spinners have dominated Amazon and taken…

Grace Farms: A Deeper Look


Joelle Anselmo, Reporter @janselmocourant Grace Farms is a place where a building, designed to disappear into the 80 acres of open space and preserved land, can help foster and facilitate five initiatives: Community, Faith, Arts, Nature, and Justice. Nicole Fealey, Grace Farms Foundation’s Director of Human Resources, described how the architecture welcomes and encourages communication. “We can have different activities going on, yet still feel connected by this roofline,” Ms. Fealey said. Each glass building is intended to make guests feel as though they are outside. Grace Farms also plans to create an outdoor recreational facility that will host sports…

Through my eyes


Reilly O’Neill, Senior Editor @roneillcourant We’ve all felt like the odd one out before, whether it be on a sports team or in a crowd at a party. Standing out among a group of people who are all similar can be stressful, and I feel like we can all agree that feeling alone sucks. Unfortunately, I am Chinese in a school that is 91% white. Being the odd one out has been a near-constant while at school and among my friend groups. When I was very young, the occasional comments I would hear people tell my mother ranged from “oh…

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