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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

Juuling: What is the buzz?


Holly Santero, Senior Editor @santerocourant Sam Stoner, Editor-in-Chief @sstonercourant Before asking NCHS senior Jon* about his thoughts on juuling, he took out what looked like a small, handheld flash drive and took a long, deep breath. Blowing out the smoke, then inhaling it through his nose in a popular trick known as the “French Inhale,” he was ready to start the interview. Over the past few years, NCHS has seen a variety of changes in the types of activities students do “under the table.” Whether it’s visible or not, there has always been a small group of students who participate…

Sign Language Club Coming to NCHS


Katie Tan, Reporter @KtanCourant Communication is one of the most important tools because it allows us to connect with one another, but for some this is not that easy. For 0.38% of the U.S. population, communication is not as easy as speaking to others. This 0.38% of Americans suffer from hearing loss, and many use sign language to express themselves. Sign language incorporates physical gestures and signs to form sentences. It is used all over the world and is a great skill for communicating with others, who are unable to hear. Recently students at NCHS have decided to create a…

Teacher Profile: Mark Foster


Andie Carroll, Reporter @acarrollCourant Picture this: you are in the Middle East, riding camels in Jordan, taking cruises down the Nile, and then, suddenly you are in a small suburban town in Connecticut. The new French teacher, Mark Foster, was expecting this transition to be a tough one; however he was surprisingly mistaken. After spending a few years in Jordan teaching French, Dr. Foster moved back to his hometown in Connecticut where he attended school at the University of Connecticut. “When my wife and I moved back from Jordan, we said it was going to be really hard to teach…

NCHS community gives back this holiday season


Allie Neugeboren, Features Editor @alneugiecourant Through donations and volunteering, the New Canaan community helps make this holiday season more enjoyable for underprivileged families. A number of charities including, New Canaan Charity League, Saint Aloysius Youth Group, Service League of Boys, the high school’s math department, and Pura Vida have dedicated time to make the holidays festive for those less fortunate. Senior Grace Manges, enjoys the opportunities the New Canaan Charity League (NCL) offers her through their annual Holiday Social. “We have one giant holiday celebration, where 7th-12th graders get together, and we bring homemade cookies, decorate a tree, and bring…

Teacher Profile: Michael Joshi


Reporter: Abby Weiss @AWeissCourant Picture this: You have just graduated from college and you, along with thirty other people, are having lunch with Barack Obama. Not many can say they’ve had this experience, but history teacher Michael Joshi has. The room goes silent as his boss, the future president of the United States, stands up and asks one question: what is it you want to do with your life? With a major in political science, he confidently answers, “I want to be in politics.” Obama’s reply to everyone is one of utter disappointment. No one said they wanted to be a…

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