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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

On Screen and Behind the Scenes: A Look at NCTV


Olivia Flaherty-Lovy, Reporter @ofl_courant Video by Katie Jahns @kmjahns “Gooood morning teachers! This is NCTV. It’s that time again! Please join us right now for todays live broadcast.” Everyone looks forward to the crackle of static on Friday mornings that signals the coming of the weekly broadcast. Seconds later, some upbeat song sweeps through the halls, reaching everywhere from the science labs at the top of the school to room 119 and the TV studio, tucked away on the bottom floor. It’s in the control room of the TV studio that a student is sitting with headphones on, carefully monitoring…

Highlights of 2017


Jillian Augustine, Executive Editor @jillaugcourant Caroline Castle, Senior Editor @ccastlecourant As with any year, 2017 has brought along many memorable headlines that will be looked back upon in years to come. Here, you’ll see our faves. Memes Inside jokes between internet geeks have somehow made their way to every teen that uses social media. “Salt Bae” A meme that took the internet by storm. The original video posted to Instagram showed the chef ~artistically~ cutting and salting meat. It instantly caught on in the world of memes and was used to poke fun at Donald Trump and his endless “sprinkling”…

The Constant Refresh


Caroline Cioffi, Reporter @cciofficourant While attending one of the most competitive high schools in the country, many NCHS students find themselves obsessed with PowerSchool. Students are often overcome with pressure from their parents as well as other figures in the community, some going as far as to equate the numbers they see on PowerSchool to their own self-worth. Caught up in the fear of not meeting these lofty standards, students use PowerSchool to check their grades as many as 20 times a day, mindlessly logging into the application just to reassure themselves or, perhaps, find motivation. According to senior Grant…

Talented Teachers: A Glimpse into the Lives of the NCHS Faculty


Meera Srinivasan, Story Editor @meerascourant Throughout the school, teachers are often only known for their subject and love for students, however, what many don’t know is that several teachers have interesting hobbies outside of school. The Courant met with a few teachers to get the inside scoop on their passions aside from teaching. TIM HAAG Science teacher Tim Haag has spent the past several years building a house in upstate New York for him to retire with his wife. From a young age, Mr. Haag began woodworking as a hobby, often constructing tables or furniture, but never any major projects.…

Cookies and Culture


Skye Curren, Reporter @esccourant Every year as the holiday season begins, it’s a holiday tradition that students spend time with their families baking. Holiday baking is a tradition that almost everyone has, whether it be making sugar cookies or cinnamon rolls. Senior Leigh Charlton makes sure to bake every holiday season. “I make a huge batch of cookie dough at once and then I freeze it, so I can just make them through the whole month of December,” Leigh said. One of the highlights of Leigh’s holiday baking is that she gets to spend time with her family. “It’s really…

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