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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

The Ideal High School


Joelle Anselmo, Story Editor @janselmoCourant Personalized learning is New Canaan High School’s new yearly goal for 2018, and teachers are adapting and changing their classrooms to meet it. All over America, school curriculums are adopting advanced and unique ways that integrate a student’s outside interests and hobbies into the classroom. Accommodating to the changing technology and altering studies to students’ specific wants and needs is the new high school educational purpose. Principal, Bill Egan, comments on what exactly this idea of ‘personalized’ means to students and teachers alike. “It’s student-owned. Meaning you take a student’s interests and skills and…

Get to Know the New Staff


Abby Weiss, Story Editor @AWeissCourant For the upcoming school year, the administration decided to hire a variety of different teachers across many subjects. Each of these new Rams come from different backgrounds as well as experiences. They possess many different academic and personal skills, yet their commonality is their excitement and enthusiasm for their time at NCHS. Janet McGowen, Chemistry Teacher Janet McGowen, moved here from Colorado where she was a math and science teacher. The school was different in that she taught an ELL course, a class that contains low level English speakers who have just moved into…

NCHS students take on summer internships


Cat Levine, Executive Editor @catcourant While the majority of NCHS was catching up on sleep in New Canaan or travelling to a number of tropical islands, some students were dressing in blazers or lab coats and entering the workforce. Whether local or abroad, there are many internship opportunities for high school students to work under professionals and gain experience to take with them as they go to college. Senior Luke Stewart has been interning as a research intern in the lab of Dr. Amy Maas, an invertebrate physiologist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) for three summers. “Ultimately,…

New ‘award boards’ aim to celebrate the NCHS community


Allie Neugeboren, Editor-In-Chief @alneugiecourant With a new school year comes fresh additions to update the atmosphere of the high school. While the beautification project updates the greenery outside of the school, a new initiative was taken to create NCHS community award board that adds entertainment to the hallway traffic in the English hall and trophy room. The new Student of the Month, Faculty of the Month, and Athlete of the Month boards hope to highlight the qualities of the NCHS student body based on “The New Norms” that were brainstormed in connection classes in the past few years. Principal William…

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