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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

LiveGirl connects girls across Fairfield County


Ellen Ludtke, Editor-in-Chief @eludtkecourant For many people, middle school is or was a time of maturation and figuring out their niche within their school and community. Middle school is often called one of the toughest stages of youth as all the pressures and responsibilities of growing up add onto each other: School gets harder, sports and extracurriculars become increasingly competitive, and friend groups encounter problems; meanwhile, the omnipresence of social media magnifies these adolescent pressures. In navigating these challenges, many kids, especially girls, find it helpful to talk through their thoughts and feelings and get advice on how to find…

Literature of the Holocaust: the class that analyzes and looks beyond cultural tragedies


Abby Weiss @aweisscourant In English class, many students feel that analyzing stories such as Holden Caulfield’s or Odysseus’s has no significance on their everyday lives. But in the elective Literature of the Holocaust, students read stories written by survivors of this brutal event and find it easier to connect these books to our current lives. This one-semester senior course combines this genocide’s both historical and literary elements while stressing the relevance it has to modern global conflicts. In 2009, English Teacher, Christine Bonarrigo, introduced this course to the high school after noticing how interested students were in the book Night…

Talented Twins: Christian and Nate Sibbett


Joelle Anselmo, Reporter @janselmocourant Sophomores Christian and Nate Sibbett are living proof of “Renaissance Men”, people with many talents and areas of knowledge. These identical twins are not only three-sport athletes, playing lacrosse, football and wrestling, but also perform well in their classes and find time to pursue a wide range of hobbies outside of school. They both play different instruments like the piano and guitar, as well as extreme sports outside of school like snow skiing and wakeboarding. What usually makes a person stand out from the crowd is their talent and dedication towards one specific hobby, whether it’s…

College trends of NCHS


Caroline Knightly, Senior Editor @knightlycourant Throughout the seemingly never-ending college process, students tend to dwell on a specific school. That specific school is known as their dream school for their advanced academic opportunities or their ever-lasting and enticing social life. Some of these “dream schools” tend to be the same school for various students. Seniors Caroline Budd and Paige Freyre share similar views with other members of the NCHS student body as they commit the next four years to Bucknell University and Elon University respectively. When Paige first started visiting schools, she disregarded the popularity of the university. Instead, she focused on…

NCHS students travel to impact lives in third world countries


Allie Neugeboren, Features Editor @alneugiecourant Every student’s dream includes taking a break from school and traveling far, far away to a tropical island with a warm sunny beach, exploring the land, and experiencing an unfamiliar culture. For the students who join exploration programs through NCHS, their travel dreams become a reality. Junior Emma Smith, Ian Knechtle and students in Pura Vida For Children found ways to spend their breaks helping others and experiencing different cultures in third world countries. Emma Smith recently traveled to Maji Mojo, Tanzania through the program Putney Student Travel. Embarking on this trip with no familiar…

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