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Shedding light on student trends and culture at the high school.

The memorable journey from Cub to Eagle Scouts


Kayla Beck, Reporter @kbeckcourant The New Canaan Nature Center has always been a place where members of the community can come to explore the natural beauty in the town, including various animals native to the area. Recently, the Nature Center acquired a new “bird blind” allowing people to watch these animals without disrupting them. It was contributed to the center by senior Shafer Jones, who build the blind as his Eagle Project, meritting his hard-earned rank as an Eagle Scout. Shafer has been a Boy Scout for years and has dedicated himself to bettering the community by upholding the Boy…

Put down that phone and go to sleep!


Mikaylah Vindas, Reporter @MVindascourant How often do you check your phone while studying? Once? Twice? Three times? In the digital age, adults and especially students, are becoming addicted to cell phone use. In an article by the New York Post, it was found that “Americans tend to check their phone every 12 minutes on average, burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day.” With this in mind, there is no doubt that teens have felt the effects of cell phone addiction. Janet Reed, the school nurse, met with the Courant to discuss the implications of cell phones in…

College conversation: seniors talk about work, stress, and strategies


Jillian Augustine, Executive Editor @jillaugcourant When I first thought of the idea for this story, it was going to be more of an advice piece for the college process based on what I’ve experienced. However, as I was talking to Mr. McAteer, we brainstormed how we can kick this story up a few notches. After all, the college process isn’t just my experience. It’s not like I can talk for all 330 students of the class of 2018 in one simple article for The Courant. So, it was decided that I would interview a group of my peers who had…

Revival of Ramazon: A new group of students takes on the school store


Abby Weiss, Story Editor @aweisscourant  “I’d like a Goldfish, please.” I wait as the student working in the school store reaches for the Rice Krispies, stops himself, then grabs a Goldfish. He hands it to me, declares that would be one dollar, smiles and tells me to have a good day. In order to serve me as a customer, he had to figure out a couple things: what Goldfish looks like, that goldfish is a snack, that snacks are one dollar, and therefore that I owe him a dollar. For many high school students, this process is transparent. But when…

Connections class follows up with student advocates


Allison Beck, Reporter @abeckcourant Every other Wednesday, all students have an extra built in class known as “Connections”, where they perform a variety of activities that benefit the school climate. On January 2, Student Advocates Club participants were selected to sit in on a meeting about possible ways to better the Connections curriculum. This meeting was half of the school day and consisted of students, counselors, and administrators testing out a variation of activities that could potentially be used starting in the upcoming academic term. Guidance Counselor, Rachel Hartong attended the meeting to assess the possible success of the proposed…

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