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ABC House allows students to cultivate their talents at NCHS


Madeleine Gertsen, Features Editor @MGertsenCourant Most NCHS students find themselves with a busy schedules; including going to school, participating in extracurricular activities, occasionally being tutored, and spending time with their family. For junior Brian MacCalla, an A Better Chance (ABC) kid, this experience is not any different. Besides the fact that he lives with seven other boys in a local house, Brian finds himself going through very similar routines to other New Canaan students. “We live with two resident directors, a husband and wife, who are really supportive of us and want only the best,” he said. “We also have two…

Junior Prom Best Dressed List


By Courant Staff It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although it was hard to pick from the variety of dresses that graced the Italian Center just a few weeks ago, these eight really stood out. Read below to see what we had to say about the junior prom looks. Katharine Kuchinski  This AP student and soccer star stunning in this figure-fitting gown. While hot pink isn’t for everyone, it is certainly is for her. A high neckline left no room for a necklace, letting the dress do the talking. Perfectly bouncy curls finished off the look. Janie Reddan  Janie…

A talk with the TechXperts


Jenny Levine Arts, Entertainment and Technology Editor @JALevineCourant Although the immensely successful Tech Night might seem like the height of tech related accomplishments this school year, the NCHS TechXperts are diligent in all tech related innovations implemented on a district wide basis. Watch the TechXperts talk about their meteoric rise as what was initially described as a “tech club.”

Students evolve as entrepreneurs through their mini-businesses


Madeleine Gertsen, Features Editor @MGertsenCourant As a little girl, senior Taylor Achille enjoyed arts and crafts, specifically making bracelets. During summer, she would make lemonade and friendship bracelets with her sisters and friends to sell in front of the beach. With fond memories of her childhood, Taylor decided to start a bracelet-making business, Beaded for Life with senior Lily Baer. Entrepreneurship has long been a way for students to make profit while creating items that they have a passion for. With this incentive, Taylor and other students at NCHS have created their own businesses, ranging from bracelets to candles to nail…

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