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Homecoming is more than football


Homecoming is a time for our school to unleash its red and black spirit, show its true colors and come together as a school. Even though most students are getting ready for the big football game many other teams are playing over the weekend along with football including girls soccer, field hockey, swimming and diving, volleyball.

These five teams will be playing Friday October 23rd, and Saturday October 24th, right after being pumped up by a week of spirit. Athletes hope that the our school spirit will bring victory to all of the teams in both home and away games.

The summer vacation transformation


Peter Lacerenza Features Editor It’s always an interesting phenomena walking in on the first day of school. Who are they? You might wonder, as a group of people resembling your friends approaches you, although with an inch to their height, bronzed complexions and obvious hours spent at the mall. After realizing that in fact, they are your friends, you begin to discuss your summers as if you hadn’t already over Facebook chat, although you realize that during the two month sojourn from school has altered their appearance as well personality. This summer transformation is something that has continued from kindergarten…

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