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Now in color set to open April 1st


Jenny Levine Blogs Editor Creativity. Culture. Color. The latest art gallery, Now in Color, is set to be released April 1st and the art sector of NCHS is abuzz with what will be shown. The art gallery committee selected some interesting pieces including a short movie, a large scale honeycomb sculpture, and collages. You don’t have to be an art aficionado to show your support for the high school’s promising talents, book your calendars for this Tuesday for drinks, food, and artwork.

March Madness: What we have “learned” from week One


Andrew Penchuk The College Hoops Kid @bigs980 “Learned” will be in quotation marks for the entirety of this blog post, because what we “learn” one week in March Madness hardly holds true for the next week. Any expert will tell you, (myself excluded from this list) that the unpredictability of March Madness is probably the only thing you can predict about March Madness. The first week was full of upsets. Most notably Duke, Kansas, Villanova, and Wichita State succumbed to a Cinderella stories in their respective brackets. These top seeds all had their flaws throughout the season, but very few…

March Madness: The calm before the storm


Andrew Penchuk The College Hoops Kid @bigs980 There’s no time quite like it. The seeds are set, the path is paved, and the draw is set. Oh the draw. there is nothing more intimidating than the blank bracket. 32 games to choose from. Cinderella’s are bound to happen but where? In last year’s tournament, Florida Gulf Coast shocked the world by beating Georgetown. Anyone who chose the Eagles still gloats at their own genius. But this is a new year. A new chance for success. I fill out my bracket like everybody else. I look at the match ups and…

It’s a pride thing


Jenny Levine Blogs Editor This year I joined the Gay- Straight Alliance club, or rather GSA. I got involved because it bugged me how the LGBTQIA* community is treated by not only the government but by many groups, I honestly thought that the club’s premise was to go to NYC and march in Pride Parades and leave our congressmen angry voicemails. In reality our purpose make people of all sexualities and orientations comfortable in the jungle that is high school. This year our main project was to raise money for rainbow bracelets which we hoped the majority of the school…

The Whys and Hows of Thrifting


Kaitlyn Sandvik Reporter The neighborhood Goodwill is a place for spending hours sifting through racks of obscure clothing brands and rummaging around a pile of written-in books, each with a different story attached to them. This concept has continued to fascinate me since an early age, as I realized that a water stained copy of The Catcher in the Rye could have been someones most coveted item, but as time went on, it ended up in my hands. I longed to attain more experience in life and find stories that had not been given the chance to be heard. It…

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