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Free The Children’s 3rd annual Water Walk


Lizzy Burke Opinions Editor Free the Children’s third annual Water Walk is Sunday, May 18th. The event will take place at Waveny Park at 1PM, and it costs $10 to register. All participants should bring their own containers to carry water, whether it be a water-bottle, jug or bucket. What is the Water Walk, you ask? A charity event hosted by NCHS’ chapter of Free the Children to raise awareness for the global problem of limited access to potable water. This problem may seem very far away, but in reality, more than 780 million people around the world do not…

The Waveny Dirt Lot: parking miracle or dangerous mud-trap?


Sean Davidson Reporter Sophomores, juniors, and even seniors make the choice to park in the Waveny Park dirt-lot, despite the long walk to school and a number of reported break-ins. At the beginning of each year at NCHS, many students make an effort to get a parking pass before they become too limited and difficult to obtain. There are only more drivers as a year progresses, but no increase in the availability of parking spaces at NCHS to accommodate them. Students who cannot manage to secure a parking pass, as well as sophomores and juniors who wish to dodge our…

Best kept secrets of NYC revealed


Sean Davidson Reporter Whenever I get bored with New Canaan I hop on a train to New York City, the problem is I get bored often.  I expect I’m not the only New Canaanite who gets bored either, and it’s a shame that many people don’t really know their way around the city. To a lot of people NYC is mis-labeled as a collection of tourist attractions and tall buildings. This is a misconception that I’d like to eradicate from everyone’s mind. NYC is indeed a melting-pot of ideas and cultures that you don’t really get to see if you…

7 things to do when you’re stuck in NC for spring break


Jenny Levine Blogs Editor It’s a week before spring break. “Sorry sweetie, your dad and I think that you should utilize your time off to study for the AP test.” You love your mom, but if you have to spend an entire week with Spodek you might begin to think that he actually makes sense. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of kids just like you whose plans got cancelled last minute by overbearing parents/an onset airplane phobia/lack of funds, that’s why I’m here to show you that New Canaan isn’t as bland as it seems, also New York City is…

Senior Ryan McMahon receives 2014 National Scholastic Art Award


Kaitlyn Sandvik Reporter Students may have seen senior Ryan McMahon’s Connecticut Scholastic Award-winning photograph, “Trapped” in the recent Carriage Barn art exhibit, Through Our Eyes III. However, few may be aware that Ryan has a wide body of work from which he had to choose a submission. Ryan worked closely with AP photo teacher, Jeanne McDonagh in the Scholastic submissions process. “Mrs. McDonagh picked four pieces she felt best represented the high school’s photo department and our talents to be submitted into the regional competition,” he said. “She is always very good about staying up to date with what photos…

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