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New Canaan homes are steeped in hidden history


Caroline Grogan, Reporter @cgrogancourant Throughout the six years that I’ve lived in Stepping Stones, a mansion-turned Monastic retreat-turned condos, I’ve come to embrace my role as unofficial tour guide for a few curious walker-bys who feel compelled to trek up the driveway and ogle the hulking, Hogwarts-esque building. The most recent time I recounted the building’s long, winding history, I had to wonder: are there other homes in New Canaan whose walls and creaking floorboards are host to century-old stories? To find out more, I ventured over to the classroom of NCHS Latin teacher David Harvey, a longtime New Canaan…

NCHS Courant takes gold medal in CSPA recognition


Katie Tan, Media @KtanCourant The Columbia Scholastic Press Association has been critiquing high school journalism programs for years, and recently they evaluated NCHS’ Courant. All news publications are evaluated upon specific critiques that total to a numerical score. Bronze medalists fall in the range below 600 points, silver medalists awarded fall between the range of 600 and 799, and finally gold medalists fall within the range of 800 and 1,000 points. They consider the essential, visual, and verbal aspects of each publication and grade each newspaper based off their attention to each feature. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s website explains…

Beautification Project Makes NCHS Stand Out


Leigh Charlton, News Editor Audrey Adl, Reporter @aadlcourant @leighcourant If a visitor toured the NCHS campus prior to October of 2015, they would have noticed an abundance of struggling plant life, bricks and concrete. Should anyone tour the campus today, they would observe lush, well-planned landscaping, cheery red banners, and bright new umbrellas on student patios. These changes are a result of the Beautification Project, an initiative established by the Parent Faculty Association (PFA) to brighten campus and foster a positive school climate. PFA co-President Jennifer Essigs was among the members of the community frustrated by the school’s unkempt appearance. She joined Principal Egan…

Teacher Profile: Tim Haag


Allegra D’Virgilio, Reporter @advcourant On any given day you can find Mr. Haag teaching a variety of classes, such as Astronomy classes in the planetarium, or an Honors Earth Science class in room 307, just like he has been at NCHS for seventeen years now. He is constantly very busy working to share his knowledge and passion for science with his students. Tim Haag currently teaches Physics, Astronomy, and Honors Earth Science, and he was even the Department Head for eight years. All of these experiences have allowed him to work with all grades, freshmen through seniors, parents, and even…

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