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Women’s History Month: Betty Friedan


Emma Nolan, Editor-in-Chief @emman_courant Happy Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day! March is a month to remember inspirational and influential women throughout history. Throughout the remaining weeks of March I’ll be posting my favorite feminist heroes to celebrate their accomplishments. Stay tuned for more! Betty Friedan Betty Friedan is one of the most famous members of the feminist movement, but never seems to get enough credit for her years of work for women. Graduating from the prestigious Smith College, Betty worked as a part of a paper straight out of college, pursuing her interest for journalism. After her career…

Editorial: Challenging the changes in the library


On the Tuesday following midterms, librarians Michelle Luhtala and Jackie Whiting sent an email to NCHS students and staff regarding the new policies in the library. In the email, which was the result of seventeen drafts, Ms. Luhtala and Ms. Whiting explained that the library has been a source of pride for the school. A great deal of time, effort, and money went into creating such a comfortable and accessible space for students to study, demonstrated through the purchase of lounge furniture, implementation of the Makerspace, and allowance of food in the upper library. With the accumulation of these privileges,…

Original December editorial on academic competition


Lily Kazemi & Sara Levine
‘Tis the season to be jolly?

It certainly is for those students who applied early to schools and received their acceptance letters. However, many students are still anxiously awaiting their decisions, having already received their rejections and deferrals or having pushed the whole thing off to the last week of December.

Writing a Difficult Editorial: EIC Editors Blog


This year the editorial staff has tackled a lot of difficult issues; there haven’t been many “light” editorials.

Earlier this year, we wrote an editorial about the senior patio being closed due to a select group of seniors that preformed what looked like a “freshman Friday” to most people, even after the administration explicitly told them not to. The first print issue of the year, we decided to take the “side” of the administration and wrote an editorial that wasn’t taken well by some of our peers.