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The changing appearance of NCHS contributes to a new atmosphere


High schools are constantly updating and improving their physical attributes, but what about their standards of achievement? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) highlights an up-and-coming argument that is changing the atmosphere of high schools; “Rather than concentrating on academic scores alone, the findings explore the critical connection between wellbeing, belonging, and achievement.” These new values aim to replace the team records and standardized test scores that normally define the success of a high school. If you’re a freshman walking the halls, you’re probably unaware of the physical changes our hallways have been under and more caught up…

Editorial: Is focusing on the future hurting us in the present?


This year, every time we have sat down to write an editorial, we found ourselves writing about the future. Not just prom and graduation, but more of the undefined, murky future. Many events this year, such as Career Night, Scholarship Drive, and Senior Internships have set our eyes on the years to come. It is clear that NCHS is preparing students for the future, but maybe at the expense of the present. As Eckhart Tolle explains in his book, The Power of Now, too much thinking about the future causes worry and anxiety, and even looking forward to positive future…

Editorial: Challenging the changes in the library


On the Tuesday following midterms, librarians Michelle Luhtala and Jackie Whiting sent an email to NCHS students and staff regarding the new policies in the library. In the email, which was the result of seventeen drafts, Ms. Luhtala and Ms. Whiting explained that the library has been a source of pride for the school. A great deal of time, effort, and money went into creating such a comfortable and accessible space for students to study, demonstrated through the purchase of lounge furniture, implementation of the Makerspace, and allowance of food in the upper library. With the accumulation of these privileges,…

Repaving the road to a stress-free school environment


Editorial  Recently, additions to the school such as the Beautification project and Collaboration Room have been implemented to promote a more positive school culture. And with good reason. According to the Connecticut State Department of Education,“In a positive and healthy school climate students feel close to people at school, are happy to be there, feel a part of the school, believe teachers treat them fairly, and feel personally safe while at school.” Yet while these steps can make school a happier place, students are still stressed out by the volume of work. The Beautification project is an effort by the…

Subscribe to the Courant


Drew Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief @ddaviscourant As of the first 2016-2017 edition, the Courant is introducing a new subscription service. This service had been available in the past, but has taken a break in the last couple of years. For $15 a school year, the Courant will deliver new editions of the printed paper to subscribers’ houses, and if indicated, notify subscribers via email of new content on the Courant’s website. While students can pick up the paper at school, subscriptions help the copy make its way home for parents to see. “This year the Courant is trying to expand its outreach…

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