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Sundaes in the City Part 3


Katie Tan, Reporter @KtanCourant Audrey Adl, Reporter @AadlCourant If you’re a frequent instagrammer or a die-hard foodie, you have probably already heard of bubble tea. If you didn’t know, bubble tea has a tea base mixed with fruit or milk with chewy tapioca balls. They come in all sorts of colors and are absolutely beautiful. We took to New York to find some great bubble tea, and we stumbled across Vivi’s Bubble Tea in the lower East Side at 205 Allen Street. With a cute, vibrant environment, we were drawn in. The store was decorated with pinky walls and fun…

Sundaes in the City part 2


Katie Tan, Reporter @KtanCourant Audrey Adl, Reporter @AadlCourant We are back for part two of Sundaes in the City and this time we went to Lab-320. Tucked away at 27 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003, Lab-320 offers rolled up ice cream, drinks in lightbulbs, and most specially, their dragon breath dessert. Nothing was more exciting than navigating our way around freezing cold New York, to get some liquid nitrogen, but it was totally worth it. Their dragon’s breath dessert was featured in a popular Insider video at the Chocolate Chair in LA. It is made of liquid nitrogen, so when…

Sundaes in the City Part 1


Katie Tan, Reporter @ktancourant Audrey Adl, Reporter @aadlcourant My fellow NCHS Courant reporter, Audrey Adl, and I ventured into the city to find the best desserts New York had to offer. We started our journey at a cute little market called Urban Space. It is a stone’s throw away from Grand Central located at 230 Park Ave, New York, NY 10169. A collection of vendors were gathered at the market to set up their business. With a cozy environment filled with string lights, each store borders the building and a collection of tables are set up in the center. The first…