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Sundaes in the City Part 7


Katie Tan, Reporter @KtanCourant If you have a huge box of cupped ramen in your house and enjoy desserts, you’ll be excited or curious about dessert ramen. I guess it’s exactly what it sounds like if your thinking of blue jelly ramen noodles served on crushed ice coated with condensed milk and decorated with melon balls. I first found out about Dessert Kitchen NYC from an Insider video on Instagram. Although it doesn’t taste like ramen, the noodle shape and soupy consistency resembles real ramen. After some research, I found that Dessert Kitchen NYC also serves popular desserts like Taiwan shaved…

Sundaes in the City Part 6


Katie Tan, Reporter @ktancourant Photos by Katie Tan The next place I visited has popped up many times on my Instagram explore page and is very popular with 66k followers. Located on 1185 Bleecker Street, By Chloe has a 100% vegan menu, even if vegan’s not your thing, you will still love it! It offers a delicious menu including pastas and sandwiches, but in the theme of Sundaes in the City, I visited their next door location Sweets by Chloe. Sweets by Chloe serves all sorts of cakes and pies. With a pretty pink store front, many customers were…

Sundaes in the City part 5


Katie Tan, Reporter @Ktancourant Audrey Adl, Reporter @Aadlreporter The next location on our trip was the famous Momofuku Milk Bar. With multiple different locations and branches, Momofuku has 182k on instagram. In New York, they have restaurants such as a milk bar, a noodle bar, and a ssam bar, along with locations in Sydney, Toronto, and Washington DC. You can shop online, take classes, or having a wedding cake made at the Momofuku Milk Bar. It was named “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country” by bon appétit magazine as well as making an appearance on Late…

Sundaes in the City Part 4


Katie Tan, Reporter @ktancourant Audrey Adl, Reporter @Aadlcourant Our next stop was unplanned as we were drawn in by the excessive window decoration. These extreme crepes feature all sorts of sweet and savory flavors and belong to the store T-Swirl Crepe. It is located on 247 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003. We were overwhelmed in a variety of crepe flavors, from Banana Chocolate to Egg White Mushroom Truffle. we ordered the strawberry banana crepe.  Each crepe was created by much love from the workers.  The crepes were cooked on a large pan and were loaded with yummy nutella and…

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