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Restaurant reviews, recipes, and articles surrounding the culinary arts, by Gretchen McCarthy.

Why Spanish food is the best food


Gretchen McCarthy, Reporter @GretchenCourant When people think of Spain the first thing that comes to mind are bullfighters wearing long red capes and soccer players running around in celebration after a goal. What doesn’t immediately come to mind are the more subtle, but equally important aspects of Spanish society that make it such an amazing and active country. I was lucky enough to spend a month in Barcelona last summer, and can say with absolute certainty that the Spaniards know how to do food, and even more importantly they know how to do naps. As a perennially exhausted person who…

Peruvian food near New Canaan


Charlie Sosnick Website Manager According to the PewResearch Hispanic Center, there were 557,000 Peruvians in the US in 2009. Luckily, their incredible food immigrated with them and with a massive population here in the Northeast, we are blessed with a preponderance of great Peruvian food opportunities well within driving distance. Fiesta Limeña 330 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT Located in the same parking lot as Best Buy, this restaurant offers the best Peruvian fare in Fairfield County. Go here for the delicious meat dishes, including lomo saltado, savory strips of meat marinated in vinegar, salt and soy. It showcases the Asian…

Local farmers congregate at fall market


Serra Oral & Franci DeRosa
Senior Editor – Opinions & Managing Editor

Between May 14th to November 19th, New Canaan’s Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This past Saturday, we both made a visit to the Farmers Market location in the Old Center School Parking Lot in downtown to check out the different stands and of course sample offerings.