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Movie reviews and news in the cinema industry, written by Jenny Levine.

Oscar Best Picture Winner: Moonlight


Meera Srinivasan, Reporter @meerascourant Moonlight, an account of a young boy’s life living in a poor neighborhood as gay, presents an even deeper look into drug addiction, school violence and the harsh reality that is life. The main character, Chiron, whose relationship with his mother worsens throughout the movie, grows a father-son like relationship with Juan, the drug dealer who began Chiron’s mother’s’ addiction. What is unprecedented about the way Barry Jenkins peels back this relationship is how truly personal he makes the film. While watching, it almost feels as if you are right there with them in the gut-wrenching scene when…

Cinefiles: 2016 Oscar movie breakdown


Jenny Levine Editor-in-Chief @JALevineCourant With one major award show under the wraps, the award season is still far from closing and even more uncertain. The BAFTAs, the simplistic British equivalent of the never ending American award show circuit, is set to premiere February 14, 2016 and is usually a good litmus test to see what’s to come for the Oscars. Besides the BAFTAs, are the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and Director’s Guild Awards, but c’mon, as Lenny Kravitz once said in Zoolander, “Now to the important stuff… these are the pure breeds,” all people seem to really care about are…

Is Spectre the James Bond movie we deserve?


Jenny Levine, Editor-in-Chief @JALevinCourant Robert Sillo, senior It’s funny. Eve Moneypenny asks James Bond when he’s put on the spy equivalent of administrative leave, “So what’s going on, James? They say you’re finished.” He responds elusively with, “And what do you think?” She haughtily concludes, “I think you’re just getting started.” And with that Spectre starts with what may be a clue of what’s to come for 007 and silence rampant speculation if Daniel Craig is doing another Bond and who would replace him. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Bond fan, I’ve watched a total of three Bond’s (Goldfinger, Skyfall…

Cinefiles: Must watch movies of 2015


Jenny Levine Arts, Entertainment, and Technology Editor @JALevineCourant 2015 appears to be an exciting year in cinema– we’ll see about that. In the mean time, find your free New Canaan calendars and mark down the must-see movies of the year. March: CHAPPiE It might have opened with only a $13.3 million opening weekend, but something about this futuristic-coming-of-age robot movie reminds me of Wall-e  (I’m hopeful this isn’t going to be another one of those); maybe it’s the longing guitar chord that persists throughout the trailer or maybe the shout out to Groot with the last line, “I am Chappie.”…

Cinefiles: Three words summarize Oscar night: predictable, predictable, fabulous


Jenny Levine Arts, Entertainment and Technology Editor @JALevineCourant Trigger warning: this is the first time I’ve watched almost every Best Picture nominee, usually I get through 1/2 of a Christopher Nolan movie then pass out, so this is a big deal for me, let me writher in my cynicism and bad dad jokes.  All is as it should be in the movie industry as Eddie Redmayne takes home Best Actor, Alejandro González Iñárritu grabs Best Director, and Birdman Best Picture. I’m currently writing this at 10:35 pm on Oscar night because so far, from clothing to the running suitcase schtick, the…

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