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The Annual Fall Music Concert 11/17/09


Last night, the All-Purpose Room came alive with music when the NCHS Music Department held their annual fall concert. Choir, orchestra and band students gathered to strut their stuff and perform solos in front of their parents and peers…

Students lead the way for a pleased audience


After enduring late night rehersals during “hell week,” losing a cast member to illness, and completing their first full run through of the play on Wednesday, the cast of And A Child Shall Lead performed with rave reviews.

There was much praise for cast’s performance of the drama. “I thought it was really incredible and powerful. The actors and actresses played their parts so well, that every time they were afraid, I felt it too,” senior Mikey Himmel said. Mikey’s sister is in the play.

Junior Sean Peterson, who plays Maurice Elias, thought the audience helped bring out the emotions Mikey mentioned. “I think the impact…”

NCHS drama calls the munchkins to take stage


If you plan on going to the NCHS Freshman and Sophomore production of the Wizard of Oz this fall, make sure you keep an eye out for a group of actors a bit unique from the rest of the cast. The NCHS Drama Department has recruited twenty-five excited students from the New Canaan elementary schools, grades four and under, to take on the roles of the munchkins.

A large number of potential munchkins came out to audition in hopes of getting the chance to play a role in the production of this childhood favorite. A lucky bunch, ranging from ages four to nine were picked based on their talent, singing ability, and of course cuteness…

A Child Shall Lead comes to NCHS


Emma Hutchins Reporter After conquering math proofs and rushing to finish that last minute lab, a small group of New Canaan High School drama students travel to a war-torn Czechoslovakia, while never setting foot outside the auditorium. The New Canaan High School Theater department is performing the World War II drama, “And a Child Shall Lead,” which chronicles the lives of children in Czechoslovakia’s Terezin concentration camp. “I was looking for a drama that dealt with children,” said Director and Drama Coordinator Dee Alexander on her choice of the play. “The play just came to me, I couldn’t put the…

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