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NCHS Summer Arts Show


Eileen Flynn, Reporter @eileen_courant Between the start of classes, changing leaves, and the kickoff of football season, it’s beginning to feel as though summer is officially coming to an end. However, for students that wish to hold onto to the last rays of summer, the NCHS annual Summer Art Show is an ideal way to share a bit of their summer with the NCHS community The Summer Art Show has been a long-running tradition at NCHS that has allowed all members of the NCHS community to submit any form of artwork that they created over the summer. Digital Media teacher Ms.…

Anonymous artists of the Makerspace


Eva Pace, Arts Editor @espcourant Many of NCHS’ commended artists come to public attention through the school’s annual Senior Art Show or events held at the Carriage Barn. However, students have recently been exhibiting their talent in an unlikely place: the library Makerspace. Michelle Luhtala, Library Media Specialist, has been taking artwork created by students in the Makerspace and posting it publically around the library, bringing to light the many anonymous artists NCHS has hidden inside its walls. The art in the Makerspace tends to come and go in waves, as noticed by Library Media Specialist Jacquelyn Whiting. “I like…

Jackson Oehmler pursues his passion for filmmaking


Eileen Flynn, Reporter @eileen_courant After the recent appreciation for the Oscar-Nominated movies, you would be shocked to find out that students at NCHS share those same talents. Sophomore Jackson Oehmler has always had an interest in the filmmaking industry but recently he has taken his dedication further, writing a screenplay for his own feature film. Jackson’s connection with the art has grown from intrigue to a passion of his that he plans to continue. Jackson has shown promise in the field from a very young age through his creativity and artistic abilities. Sophomore Theresa Marciano has been friends with Jackson…

NCHS Theatre brings western history to the stage


Jillian Augustine, Arts & Tech Editor @jillaugcourant The talented cast and crew of the NCHS Theatre department will be bringing a different energy to the stage this week as they open up the theater for this year’s winter production, The Will Rogers Follies. This year’s musical is unique from previous ones, as it combines eccentric American history with Western-inspired song and dance. The Will Rogers Follies follows the story of Will Rogers, an American cowboy who lived from 1879 to 1935 in Arkansas. Senior Alison Demers, who plays a lead role as Betty Blake, the wife of Will Rogers, feels…

Sophie Graham: Artist Profile


Eva Pace, Arts Editor @espcourant One of the qualities of NCHS that makes its students so proud is the outstanding athletic program. From football to squash, our high school has it a huge variety of sports, with a majority of students engaged in at least one season of athletics a year. Yet, what we often forget are the sports that go on outside of campus; building athletes that are just as formidable and impressive as the ones you see on Dunning. One of these sports is dance. Junior Sophie Graham, a stand-out ballerina at New England Academy of Dance…

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