Carrying on the Traditions of Bussey’s Bombsquad


Caroline Castle, Senior Editor

This past Friday, the NCHS Varsity football team took on St. Joe’s in their first football game of the season. Many students came to be cheer on the team and be apart of the first bombsquad event

Students carefully watch the game from the student section as the Rams enter the third quarter. Photo by Riley O’Neil

of the 2017 school year. In years past, senior boys were chosen to lead the Bomb Squad, and this year, the tradition has continued. Matt Berger and Pete Desantis passed on the leadership role to Stephen Curiale and Nate Aliapoulios. Stephen notes this role is important to him. “It’s definitely an honor to be bombsquad leader and hopefully we can leave a legacy behind,” he said.

Nate Aliapoulios, senior and new Bomb Squad leader, tells us why he was so excited for the first game of the season. “The home opener is

usually one of the most fun games of the season, other than the Turkey Bowl and State Championships,” he said. “With a good turn out, the games this season will be fun,” he said.

Although both boys lead the students in cheers, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who attend the game are the core support syst

em. “The student section is a huge part of the atmosphere of the game and it’s an honor to be able to lead them,” Nate said. “We are going to try our best to bring students to the games, but we can’t force them to do anything,” he said.

Last friday, Stephen and Nate led the students in classic cheers to carry on the traditional role of the BombSquad such as “Hail NC” and “I believe that we will Win” as well as a few improvised ones based on the exciting plays in the game.

The football team is on the field ready to take on St. Joe’s. Photo by Riley O’Neill

Curiale explains what sports he is looking forward to most. “All sports seasons are great, but I am most excited for football because you get the most amount of students coming to the games. They are really fun,” he said. Nate also explains his favorite games to attend. “All sports seasons are different and unique and I definitely look forward to attending all of them with my fellow classmates.”

Be sure to attend football, soccer, and other sport games this fall season to see the new Bomb Squad leaders in action!


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