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John Berger

We’ve officially hit the date when pitchers and catchers report for spring training. That also means we’ve hit the date of starting a ridiculously long season, one that encompasses about 9 months of the year.

Baseball is a sport that can be incredibly fun to follow if your team is doing well, and rather boring to follow if your team is not doing well.

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Steffi Badanes
Blogs Editor

Ever since the Obama administration announced that under the Affordable Care Act, the no-cost birth control policy would go into effect, intense debates and controversy have been stirring up. GOP members are up in arms, saying contraception coverage goes against the right to religious freedom. But what about the rights of women to affordable health care? Although these religious organizations say they are against contraception, the fact is, surveys show that 98% of catholic women have used birth control at some point during their lives. So by not covering birth control, religious organizations are denying a poor woman’s right to choose to use it or not. Some may be fortunate enough to still be able to make that decision. But for others, paying $100 a month for birth control may not be an option.


Gogo Jones
Sports Editor

Nothing makes a guy feel more like a guy than a quality workout at his local Young Male Christian Association facility. New Canaan’s YMCA is particularly nice, and has all of the machines you could possibly need to get as jacked as that kid who graduated last year and only wore sleeveless shirts (and sometimes fingerless gloves).


Chloe Davis
Sports Editor

For the past few years, the Rams Football team has maintained a solid reputation as “the team to beat.” For this year’s team, the goal was to keep that reputation. Senior captains Bobby Distler, Kevin McDonough and Matt Milano took this task seriously, leading the team to an FCIAC record of 11-1 and the State Championship game. “This season, it was really about getting all the guys to work together and unite in a common goal,” Kevin said.

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